About us


Kaparthy Infotech is an IT-Enabled service company engaged in the field of medical transcription. It was formed in 1999, keeping quality medical transcription in mind. We provide high quality medical transcription services to doctors and hospitals in the USA. Availability of broader bandwidth and high-speed links make it possible to transfer data and communicate instantly.
Kaparthy Infotech is a provider of medical transcription services. We specialize in customized solutions based on our clients’ needs, personal customer service and transcription technology consulting.
The company has seen explosive growth since its founding with clients across the entire United States from every medical specialty. The company also supports over 250 team members ranging from traditional office staff, account managers, quality-assurance supervisors and transcriptionists.
Our mission is to accomplish our objectives and goals, and continue to revise our target areas to help foster our continuum growth model.
Outsourcing your transcription will ensure your resourcefulness in administration, enabling quicker delivery of transcripts with a commitment to a coherent, reliable end product.