Why Us?



We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We listen to our clients and develop a strong understanding of their needs, and then custom-tailor solutions to meet those unique needs.
We offer a variety of dictation methods, can integrate with systems already in place or create a completely custom solution – all at no extra charge. No matter the complexity of the solution, there are never any setup charges.


Each client account at Kaparthy is assigned a dedicated account manager, team of transcriptionists, and quality-assurance supervisor who each become intimately familiar with their accounts.


We are easy to get a hold of and pride ourselves in how quickly we respond to all inquiries. In the event that you or your staff needs something outside of our regular office hours, we will provide you with an after-hours contact number. We make ourselves available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. And if there’s ever a problem that we can’t solve over the phone, we will come to your office and solve the problem in person at no additional charge.


We don’t just hire any medical transcriptionist! In order to achieve the highest levels of accuracy, we rigorously test our candidates, and then hand-pick the transcriptionists who perform the best. Performance over time is also monitored through random audits.
Our quality-assurance team, with each member averaging 10+ years of experience each, reviews all documents containing blanks in an attempt to keep the number of documents sent back with blanks to a bare minimum. They also perform random audits on a healthy percentage of all documents to ensure that our quality and accuracy far exceed the industry standard of 98%. We are proud to say that our accuracy is in the 99.9% range.


We don’t like to let anything slip between the cracks. We can utilize your schedules to ensure that all personal information contained in the reports (such as name spellings, dates of birth, account numbers, etc.) is correct. We will verify the accuracy and correct spellings of all referring physician names and addresses. We also reconcile the dictation we received against what patients were seen to ensure that nothing is missing.


Documents can be turned around as quickly as the client requires. Typical turnaround time averages 24 to 48 hours, but this can be accelerated to meet whatever the client needs.


Should you ever need a document transcribed immediately, we gladly accommodate stat requests. In this case, documents would be transcribed, sent through quality assurance, and returned to you as soon as humanly possible, at no additional charge.


Maintaining HIPAA compliance throughout every step of the process goes without saying. We take the issue of privacy and security with respect to patient medical records very seriously. We will gladly sign and adhere to any special confidentiality agreement you may have.


Unlike other transcription companies, our standard policy is to price per minute of dictation received. This is the amount of recorded speech time your physicians dictated, not how long it takes us to complete the transcription. Unlike lines, we’ve found per-minute billing to be very fair and easy to independently verify. It seems that every transcription company has their own definition of what a line is, and as such it is difficult to compare apples to apples.

Alternatively, we offer our services on an hourly basis per man hour, which some of our clients prefer because it is very straightforward. Either way, our pricing is usually comparable to the typical per line that our competitors charge, and we offer additional value-added services that they do not.
There are no setup charges whatsoever.